What is the Riverbend Way?

When you have Riverbend by your side, you know that in every single stage of your pet’s life, your pet will have access to the best veterinary care available. We believe your pet deserves no less. In fact, that is why we come in to work every morning. The bond you share with your pet is a beautiful thing, and worthy of fierce protection. We just want to make that a little easier for every PetParent we serve.

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Inspired by YOU

We are committed to giving you and your pet a world class experience. There are a few ways we do that.





Excellence Begins Here

Services the Riverbend.

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    Total Wellcare Club

    When you join the Total Wellcare Club, you get access to comprehensive preventative care for a simple and low monthly subscription. It’s incredibly popular among our clients!

  • stem cells
    Laser Therapy

    This innovative new treatment allows us to work at the cellular level in order to reduce inflammation and stimulate healing. It has powerful effects for a wide range of medical uses.

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    Wellness Exams

    Regular preventative care is proven to increase the lifespans of dogs and cats. It allows us to quickly spot when something is irregular, and treat problems earlier on, which is incredibly important in your pet’s prognosis.

  • Vet performing ultasound

    This diagnostic tool allows us to look inside your pet’s internal organs in order to pinpoint the source of a problem. It allows your pet’s veterinary team to formulate a much more effective treatment plan.

  • Adult female domestic cat Xray

    Every single xray we take is reviewed by a board certified radiologist. Because when your pet’s health is at stake, nothing is too good for them.

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    Chances are, we can help with whatever veterinary needs your pet has. So whether your dog or cat needs surgery, vaccinations, parasite control, or anything else… know that the Riverbend family is here for you, and you’ve found the best there is.

    So much more!