Every time you bring your pet to our veterinary hospital, our veterinary technician plays a vital role in his care. Because so much of her job happens behind the scenes, we want to give you a glimpse into her contributions to you and your pet’s experience every day:

The first to arrive

She is the first one to the clinic. While she’s still finishing her morning cup of coffee, she is turning on all the computers and blood work machines, and making sure everything is ready for the day. She puts on her nametag. The letters behind her name, LVT or RVT, indicate that she went to an American Veterinary Medical Association-accredited school, and then passed rigorous national and state exams. As soon as she unlocks the front door, the animals scheduled to have surgery show up. Three patients are scheduled for surgical procedures—two dental cleanings and an ovariohysterectomy. For each animal, she ensures nothing has changed that would necessitate a delay, that the owner understands and signs all the necessary forms and estimates, and that the pet has a comfy place to stay. 

A multitasker for pets

As the hustle and bustle begins, the coffee kicks in, and her multitasking personality comes out. She is responsible for obtaining blood samples for the surgical patients, running them through the machines, and troubleshooting any errors. One patient is scared and tries to bite her to avoid the poke of the needle. Instead of becoming frustrated, she takes the time to comfort him and ensure he has the best experience possible. All the while, she’s answering questions from the receptionist and the veterinarian, and helping to coach and train an unlicensed veterinary assistant.

The fully booked appointment schedule is now in full swing. Our veterinary technician is responsible for knowing the reason for each appointment, taking complete patient histories that the veterinarian needs to make medical decisions, and then executing any resulting tasks, be they bloodwork, X-rays, or filling medications. She learned a lot about diseases and medications in school, and she can help educate owners and answer their questions after the veterinarian has finished seeing their pets. She helps you understand how to medicate your pet with a pill or an injection, such as insulin, and helping to calm anxiety during the learning process.

Between appointments, the vet tech prepares the animals who were dropped off that morning for surgery. She calculates and prepares the medications and equipment that will ensure her patients safely undergo anesthesia. She’ll stay with them during every step of their procedure—she is responsible for their health and safety, from when she places their IV catheter, delivers the anesthetic, helps perform the dental cleaning, and then sits with them as they slowly wake up. She’s also responsible for ensuring their comfort and taking care of all their needs until their owners arrive to take them home. She gathers everything the pet will need at home, and spends time explaining every detail to the owner.

The last to leave

The front door may have shut for the last time today, but our veterinary technician can’t relax. She still needs to wrap up all of the end-of-the-day tasks, including cleaning, doing laundry, and restocking supplies. She may need to troubleshoot broken equipment, balance controlled-drug logs, place orders, and make phone calls. As she closes and locks the door for the night, she’s tired, but fulfilled. She has worked hard all day to ensure that every pet owner and every pet had everything they needed. She loves working with animals and being such an integral part of their care, and she wouldn’t trade it for the world. 

Our veterinary team is greater than the sum of its parts. Our entire team is dedicated to ensuring your pet is the happiest and healthiest she possibly can be, but our veterinary technician is the core of our success. The next time your pet visits our hospital, thank your veterinary technician for all she does.