Should You Have Health Insurance for Your Pet?

Imagine your pet becomes suddenly ill or injured and needs emergency veterinary care. Aside from her recovery, what would your greatest concern be? Chances are, it would be the cost of medical care. Diagnostic tests, hospitalization, medications, and surgical procedures can become quite costly, and most pet owners do not factor emergency pet costs into [...]

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Celebrate Happy Holidays by Avoiding Pet Hazards

Thanksgiving turkeys with all the trimmings, Christmas trees surrounded by shiny gifts, and parties lasting through the end of the year are causes of joy. Unfortunately for our pets, these situations can be causes of disaster. Holidays can be hectic times, and your four-legged friend getting into mischief may add to the stress. Here are [...]

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Brain Games: Winning Against Cognitive Dysfunction in Senior Pets

Is your white-faced canine ignoring you when you call? Or, is your fussy feline even crankier than normal? Hearing and vision loss, pain from arthritis, and a variety of other changes can occur as our pets age. Changes in behavior are common in aging pets, and those changes often stem from underlying medical conditions, including [...]

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Freaking Out Over Fireworks: Noise Phobias in Pets

Booming thunder, exploding fireworks, and pounding celebration music can startle anyone, so imagine just how scary these loud noises can be for our pets. And, it isn’t just these seasonal blaring noises that can cause your pet to be uncomfortable; children screaming, traffic and street sounds, construction work, slamming doors, and television noises can all [...]

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Save Our Teeth

Hello everyone, it's dental month! Did you know by 3 years of age, most dogs and cats have evidence of periodontal disease? Learn more, here! Periodontal disease begins when bacteria in the mouth form plaque that attaches to the teeth. At this point, it turns into calculus (tartar). The problem spreads under the gum line [...]

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