Myths About COVID-19 and Your Pet

As the COVID-19 pandemic escalates, you may be overwhelmed with the conflicting news, and the latest updates. In such times of crisis, separating fact from opinion, and discovering exactly what you need to know to keep your pet and your family safe, can be difficult. Misinformation abounds, so we wanted to share accurate, current information [...]

7 Dental Health Tips Every Pet Owner Needs to Know

Did you know that most pets have some stage of dental disease? Up to 85% of pets age 3 or older have at least one periodontal-disease sign, meaning oral bacteria have set up shop and are seeding infection throughout the mouth. As dental disease advances, bacteria also travel through the bloodstream, infecting organs, and causing [...]

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Baby, It’s Cold Outside: Cold Weather Safety Tips for Your Pet

Although we rarely experience deep snow and ice-covered roads and walkways in North Carolina, it pays to be prepared if severe winter weather hits our area. We understand that we need to bundle up to stay warm, and we realize our limits when outdoors in cold temperatures, but cats and dogs, especially those used to [...]

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8 Tips for a Safe and Fun Howl-O-Ween

Halloween fun is just around the corner, but with Halloween comes some serious safety concerns for your four-legged family members. Adhering to certain guidelines will help your pets enjoy a safe, yet frightfully fun, Halloween night. Consider the following eight tips:  Tip #1: Don’t allow your pet access to candy Most Halloween treats are loaded [...]

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Anal Glands 101

Dog owners commonly complain about their pet’s fishy, noxious-smelling anal glands. You may witness some of the classic signs of anal gland discomfort in your pet, including scooting her hind end along your freshly cleaned carpet or incessant licking of the anal area. Or, you may simply recognize the offensive smell. Either way, anal gland [...]